The SCC represents, promotes and protects the common interests of members in their role as construction clients be they property owners, property managers or users of buildings and facilities. The SCC strives to lead in the development of housing, facilities and infrastructure in Sweden.

This means:

  • assuming a leading role in the development of the industry
  • being the recognized and respected representative body in matters pertaining to construction clients
  • helping to expand and develop the role of the construction client

The SCC conducts lobbying efforts and seeks to influence public policy mainly through commenting on government bills and participating in networks. Monitoring of the business and political environment includes reviewing research reports, legislative proposals and new legislation.

The association works to assure the availability of well-trained candidates to fill future needs of construction clients. In addition educational programs and seminars are offered under the auspices of the SCC as well as in cooperation with other providers and with universities. Further activities include offering legal advice and providing a forum for the sharing of information and experience in standing committees and working groups.

The SCC also participates in several national and international projects. Finally, the association participates in, and administers, a number of energy efficiency projects financed by the Swedish Energy Agency.

The activities are financed primarily through membership fees. Some revenues are also derived from education and training programs as well as specific contracts with the National Energy Authority.

The staff of the association comprises four employees and several consultants who are contracted as needed. The board of the SCC meets six times a year, and comprises 12 representatives of member companies.

There are two standing committees: Regulations and Cooperation and Environment, Technology and Quality. The standing committee on Regulations and Cooperation has two working groups: The Public Procurement Act and New forms of Procurement and Implementation.

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